Sex Therapy

Couples Therapy, Boulder

What is sex therapy, anyway? Sex therapy enables either you (an individual or a couple) to talk with a therapist about what may or may not be happening in your sex life.  Also, since there are many myths about what is “normal” when it comes to sex, taking with an educated professional can give you a much better perspective regarding …

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Couples Therapy

Pic Of Couple

Couples or marriage therapy encompasses working with a therapist to explore any issues, no matter what they are, that affect a couple’s relationship.  This can include events from the past (that occurred in the relationship or in the life of either person) or current challenges (such as parenting, relationship dynamics, lack of communication, affairs, money issues, interactions with extended family, …

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Mostly Wives Initiate Divorce

Despite the prevailing stereotype of the middle-aged man who divorces his wife for a younger woman, a study from AARP shows that women initiate the separation most often: over two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women. Why? “Verbal, emotional, and physical neglect.” Over a quarter of their husbands never saw divorce coming; one man found papers showing his wife had …

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Relationship Secrets

Does the idea of “relationship secrets” seem a little strange to you? Great communication, even of very intimate sexual fantasies, is often said to lead to a great relationship. However, revealing certain secrets may turn out to have adverse effects. Psychologist and author of Face It, Vivian Diller, lists secrets many people have with suggestions about whether or not you …

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Divorce Among Baby Boomers

A recent study by Bowling Green State University shows that divorce rates among couples over the age of fifty have more than doubled during the past twenty years. A few contributing factors have been identified, a major one being the baby boomers’ changing views on marriage. Baby boomers matured in the more liberated 1970’s when views on marriage were changing …

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Growing into your relationship

We’ve all heard the phrase “opposites attract” in reference to relationships. According to Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix, there’s a lot more to it than the classic “good girl-bad boy” scenario. Your choice in a partner is usually someone who brings out the best in you. He or she often embodies the qualities you’d like (if only …

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Keeping your marriage strong in tough times

This article has more advice on keeping your marriage strong in these tough economic times. Divorce rates do tend to increase when they economy is poor, but the added stress needn’t put too many more bumps in your relationship. Creating, or reassessing, a budget  gives you a chance to take control of your spending. And if you can find ways …

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Government spending and marriages

The Healthy Marriage Initiative was launched under the Bush administration to help low-income couples strengthen their marriages and persuade unmarried couples to tie the knot. Seven years later, The Department of Health and Human Services has some bad news to report: the program has “produced precisely zero impact on the quality of the [unmarried] couples’ relationships, rates of domestic violence, …

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Questions to ask before divorce

Nobody is perfect, but how much should you compromise before you start to think about splitting up? No one answer suits all couples. Here are a few questions you should think about before deciding to get a divorce. If there’s no chemistry left, is that a problem for you? Many couples don’t miss sex, but if you do, you should …

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Sex in romantic love?

“What is the relationship between romantic love and sexual desire?” Although many people believe otherwise, sexual desire is an emotion, not a biological impulse like thirst. Like love, sexual desire involves evaluative patterns based on attractiveness and a “positive appraisal of personal characteristics,” but emphasizes the former over the latter. This means sexual desire requires us to use less brain …

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Keeping harmony with household chores

Many people make the mistake of thinking their partner’s neglect of household chores has something to do with being spiteful. Your husband just didn’t see the pile of dishes waiting to be done. Your wife didn’t notice the recycling bins on the curb that should have been brought back into the garage. While both partners in a couple neglect chores, …

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Health Benefits of Sharing a Bed

Although there have been studies that show increased tossing and turning among couples who share a bed, or that women sleep less well when sharing a bed with their partner, a new field of study counters these findings and suggests that both members of a couple derive health benefits from sleeping in the same bed as their partner. According to …

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